Q: How do I determine the length needed for my garland use?
A: Measure the length of your table, staircase, column and we will create the exact length for each piece you order. We do not make orders weeks in advance, and we do not make long, "stock" pieces to cut off of when you place your order. Each one is custom made for your specific requests.
Q: Do you have a hook on the end of each garland to hang pieces if desired?
A: YES! We can put a small wire loop at each end of your garland. It will be ready to hang or drape as needed without you adding anything!
Q: Can I order sample pieces to decide what I want for my order prior to placing it?
A: We are happy to ship sample pieces to you. It is a wonderful way to design your own "masterpiece!" (Reasonable rates always for our samples) Samples are typically 2' in length.
Q: What shipping options do you offer?
A: We have a variety of shipping options available and will always choose the most economical and/or convenient option for our customer. (FED EX, UPS, USPS)
Q: How many different greens choices can be used in a wreath or garland?
A: We are open to using your specific combination request. Any mix of more than (3) items will have an increased cost for labor.
Q: Can I order a simple, less expensive, one item garland?
A: Always! Elegance does NOT have to cost a lot when using our always fresh, beautifully presented garland!s. Ask us for the best options to stay within your budget.
Q: Can I order garland in 1/2 foot increments with Garlands of Eden?
A: You determine the exact length needed, we make it to YOUR specs! Never a problem for us.
Q: How is the garland held together? 
A: We only use a very strong core wire that will keep your garland strong from end to end. It will never fall apart and it does not unravel. The additional flexible wire that is also used, gives you the flexibility to create the shape you like, or to wrap the garland around any object.
Q: What are my payment options when I place an order Garlands of Eden?
A: We are proud to accept: Visa, MC, American Express, Discover, Paypal, and more!
Q: What makes Garlands of Eden unique from other greens businesses in the industry?
A: Great question, with a great answer! We are a business with two highly driven leaders from 40+ years in the industry who truly understand not only the value of treating our customers well, but we give your order our utmost in priority and excellence in every way. Fresh products, wonderful quality, always prompt communication and follow up on the shipping of your order, will give you the best in customer service. YOU CAN COUNT ON US!
Q: If I want to put a swag in my garland when I hang it, how do I calculate my order?
A: When swagging a garland, the standard is to order approximately 1.5 times the amount measured. If you have a 10' railing, you should order 15' of garland to hang with a swag.
Q: How long do your products last?
A: Most greenery can last from 1 to 2 weeks, depending upon the items you choose, and also where it is placed or stored. Cool environments keep foliage more fresh always. The typical Christmas greens can last easily for 1 to 2 months when kept cool. Let us know how long you need your order to last and how you plan to use it, we can advise you on the best options as needed.
Q: When ordering for a special event, how much notice do you need? When should I have it delivered?
A: Due to varying volume demands, advanced orders are appreciated, however please feel free to check with us, even for a last minute need. We will do our BEST to provide what you need, even if it means our "after hours crew" is in high gear. We suggest not having the product delivered more than 2 days prior to your event or desired date of use.
Q: When the shipment arrives at my location, what should I do to keep it as fresh as possible?
A: The best options are to open the box and store it in a cool place, out of the sun and direct heat. This will prevent premature drying out and shedding. When you receive your box, you will find our detailed instructions enclosed.
Q: Can you add a bow to a wreath for a gift?
A: Absolutely! Let us know the color or style preference and we can add a bow to your very special gift at a low cost. Each order is beautifully presented whether for a gift or not, and a box or special message added when it is a gift works perfectly for us always. We accommodate your special requests to make things happen in a lovely way.
Q: What size wreaths/rings are available?
A: Wreath/ring sizes range from 6" to 54" in diameter, however with the product in place, they extend beautifully from the actual wreath/ring frame. You can let us know what works best for your decor plans!